Rob Long


Rob brings a passion for data warehousing and business intelligence that includes not only building great solutions, but making that work as efficient as possible.  He’s been delivering business intelligence solutions for 10 years in both leadership and development roles.

From a young age Rob knew that he wanted to work in data.  After years dealing with employee benefits, he started noticing major gaps and redundancies in data processing. While still working full-time, he began consulting on the side in order to help companies fill those gaps. While working at Sub-Zero, Rob met Dave, who was then an independent consultant on assignment. As they began to work together they quickly bonded over their desire to automate cumbersome repetitive data processing. Both wanted to go out on their own. Together, they started Talavant with the goal of bringing highly qualified talent, and an approach focused on automation, to the Madison, Wisconsin area. Recently Rob has focused his efforts on automating common development tasks and significantly reducing solution delivery time.


Business Intelligence Architecture | Establish Strategy | Data Modelling |
Managing Development Teams using Agile Methodologies |
Microsoft Data Platform |T-SQL | SSIS, SSRS, SSAS | BIML

Rob Long

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Talavant - (noun) /tal-av-ahnt/ From the word "talent" meaning aptitude or skill and the French word "avant" meaning advancing forward, Talavant means we’re habitual innovators. We encourage creative thinking; we’re growth-oriented; we make an impact; we affect change.

Not only are our methods inclusive of all facets of a business, but we also commit to investing in the knowledge and growth of our employees.

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