Nathan Olson


While working at a private arts school, Nathan faced an outdated and cumbersome system for tracking scholarships. Knowing there had to be a better method, Nathan taught himself Access and SQL to manage the process. This sparked a passion for data management and reporting and the desire to help people find solutions in data.

Since then, Nathan moved to Epic Systems (Healthcare), where he provided operational and analytics reporting for internal senior executives. He worked with leaders in development, implementation, and technical support, which required a breadth of project management and technical skills to find the right solution for each problem. Nathan developed and maintained nightly processing packages to pull data from systems across the company into a central data warehouse. Using standardized reporting views, cubes, and data marts, Nathan worked to ensure high data accessibility and visibility to drive business decisions and internal processes.

Nathan joined Talavant so he can help more clients meet their goals and improve their data management systems. In his free time, Nathan loves to play piano, run, play card and board games, and spend time with his wife and two kids.

Nathan Olson

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