Leonard Murphy


Leonard started his career on the data processing team at Summit Credit Union. Leonard was instrumental in coordinating the data conversion for 2 mergers (Journal Credit Union in 2007 and Great Wisconsin Credit Union in 2008).  

In 2011, he moved to Trek Bicycles, where he acted as an evangelist for the business intelligence team, providing training and support for self-service BI throughout the organization. Leonard also acted as a liaison between business leaders and the BI development team, including Sales, Customer Service, Warranty, Ascend, and the President. Key accomplishments include building a Power Pivot of cell phone expenses that helped Trek’s Finance team pinpoint and save $100,000 to $200,000 per year.  

In 2014, Leonard moved to Compliant Pharmacy Alliance Cooperative and brought structure and robustness to their data solutions, speeding up queries, rewriting ETLs, developing a tabular cube for self-service reporting, and deploying Power BI. 

Leonard attended the first ever Madison SQL Server Professionals user group meeting in 2011, was a founding organizer of SQL Saturday Madison in 2012, and was a founding organizer of the Madison Power BI user group in 2014. Leonard regularly presents at local & regional events. His work was featured on the Microsoft in Business blog in 2016. He’s also the author of 2 books. 

Outside of work Leonard enjoys travel, photography, and sunshine.  

Leonard Murphy

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