We often hear from companies that they are collecting an astounding amount out data, but when it comes to using it, they simply don’t know where to start. Talavant’s experienced business intelligence consultants leverage our deep knowledge of data and business to prioritize, plan, and move information forward.

Assessment, Planning, and Roadmap

The strategy deployed to support your business intelligence and analytics initiatives needs to evolve as the company does. Talavant gives you the advantage of a multi-disciplined advising team with deep business experience that will work with your organization to perform an assessment of current state, and design a roadmap for scalable, transformative business intelligence consultants and analytics solutions.

Business Intelligence Program Formation

Business Intelligence is no longer a function of IT.  Successful BI programs align directly with business goals and objectives and are tightly correlated to business performance.  Talavant has implemented successful BI programs at organizations of all sizes.  Our agile strategy aligns with business goals and establishes a cadence of value.

BI & Analytics Maturity

Using proven tools and assessment techniques, Talavant will help your organization understand current state, progression along a proven maturity roadmap, and best practices to grow and scale your business intelligence and analytics capabilities.

Data Science Readiness

As a prerequisite to a data science effort, organizations should perform a readiness assessment to understand strategic and organizational alignment, IT partnership, cultural affinity, and business user readiness. Leveraging our proven assessment framework, Talavant will help your organization understand the opportunities and risks before undertaking a data science effort and provide recommendations to a successful outcome.

Move Forward with Talavant

Talavant in action

Strategy Case Study

A manufacturer’s critical business information was fragmented around the company. Talavant designed an ideal data warehouse modeled around the client’s business processes.

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Business First, Not Data First

Many organizations take a “Data First” approach to BI and in most cases, it’s a huge waste of resources. Business Intelligence initiatives should be “Business First”. Before embarking on any BI projects.

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Data Hygiene: Improving Data Quality

5 Ways to Improve Data Quality. Poor-quality data are often hidden from the business under layers of cleansing code, business logic, mapping tables, and other data-fixing techniques.

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“This company is the real deal. This team exemplifies great talent and leadership and delivers everything from strategy to the personal touch. The team understands the importance of asking the right questions in order to design and implement solutions to help answer tough business questions.”

- Vincenzo Specziale, VP of IT, Marion Bodyworks

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