Azure DevOps: A Quick Look at My First Impression

Todd Henson   •   09.16.2019

Do you ever ask yourself if your application development teams should use Azure DevOps? I did, and I’m going to share my thoughts after using it for the first time. I’ll begin with the disclaimer that I have only used it on one project and have not seen all that DevOps has to offer. What I have seen impresses me so far.

Azure DevOps – Simple and Integrated

Getting started is simple. Using my existing Azure Active Directory credentials and URL, I logged in. Within a few minutes, I was able to understand the layout of the tools, find the project management board, and the code repositories. All development tools are in one place, rather than trying to bounce between them.

The project management boards are similar to Jira, but I had a little trouble, at first, adjusting to the differences. It is not quite as configurable as Jira, but for most implementations, it has plenty of capability.

Creating a code repository and cloning it to my local Visual Studio development environment was simple and only took a few minutes. Compared to previous experiences trying to connect to repositories, this was a breeze. From within Visual Studio 2017, I was quickly able to connect my project to our code repository, push, pull, sync, merge, etc.

With its seamless integration of boards, repositories, wiki, Active Directory, and Office365, Azure DevOps appears to be a viable option for Microsoft stack development teams. The integrated suite of developer tools are relatively easy to set up and to learn. While I would not classify the individual tools as “best-of-breed” on their own, I would make that trade-off for the simplicity and tight integration found in Azure DevOps.

Todd Henson

Senior Consultant

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