Do you have clear visibility into your business? Often business leaders are left frustrated making guesses instead of having all the pieces to the puzzle needed to move forward.

There is a better way to make data work for your company. Talavant uses better resources and strategy to put all those pieces at your fingertips, so you can make faster, more effective decisions for your business.

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The strategy deployed to support your business intelligence initiatives needs to be sustainable to evolve as the company does. Talavant gives you the advantage of a senior-level advising team looking out for your company as a whole.

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Be at ease knowing we’ll find the right fit delivering results from complex data systems with a solid understanding of your business and a partnership intended to last, built on trust.

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Talavant is the local Microsoft certified expert in dedicated business intelligence solutions executing at an unsurpassed level of quality with a collaborative, integrated team approach.

Moving Partners Forward

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Talavant as a partner for implementation and development of Visual Analytics initiative. Talavant has been a valuable Power BI implementation partner for our company, and I had the privelege to work directly with their staff for over six months.”

– Enrique Reyes, Director of Financial Planning Systems Administration, Spectrum Brands

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Moving Talent Forward

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Talavant - (noun) /tal-av-ahnt/ From the word "talent" meaning aptitude or skill and the french word "avant" meaning advancing forward, Talavant means we’re habitual innovators. We encourage creative thinking; we’re growth-oriented; we make an impact; we affect change.

Not only are our methods inclusive of all facets of a business, but we also commit to investing in the knowledge and growth of our employees.

Headquartered in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin.

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