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Strategy Consulting


The strategy deployed to support your BI initiatives needs to be sustainable to evolve as the company does. TALAVANT gives you the advantage of a senior-level advising team looking out for your company as a whole.


  • Identify Priorities
  • Identify Resources
  • Create Roadmap


  • Establish Team Cadence
  • Manage Initial Builds
  • Evangelize Results


  • Monitoring Environments
  • Continue Engaging Business

Architecture and Design

Be at ease knowing we’ll find the right fit delivering results from complex data systems with a solid understanding of your business and a partnership intended to last, built on trust.

  • TALAVANT Data Warehouse Foundation
  • Microsoft Azure Design and Deployment
  • Self Service BI Planning
  • Server Consolidation and Virtualization

Implementation Services

TALAVANT is the local Microsoft certified expert in dedicated business intelligence solutions executing at an unsurpassed level of quality with a collaborative, integrated team approach.