Organizations are now flush with large amounts of valuable business information.  There are numerous opportunities to leverage this information to make better business decisions.  The difficulty is understanding what information is important and how best to leverage it.  We take customers through a structured process to identify what information holds the most business value and how technically feasible it is to get at this information.  The process of prioritizing information needs leads to strategy guidance on how to implement Business Intelligence solutions.


Many organizations have built solutions to report on their data; however, these solutions are often constructed as point solutions and don't have insight across the full business.  Organizations need assistance building out a more robust enterprise architecture that breaks down departmental data silos.  Our experience allows us to help implement best practice architectures that will allow for growth of future analytical needs.



When organizations decide to develop more robust business intelligence solutions, they spend a considerable amount of time in the Extract Transform and Load (ETL) process.  Research has found that businesses spend more than 80% of their time simply moving data.  We are developing solutions that will greatly reduce this effort leaving more time to analyzing information, acquire additional data sources and significantly reduce errors.