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We believe there is a better business intelligence consulting approach.

We exist because there is a better way to make data work for you. Better resources, strategy, sustainability, inclusion of the company as a whole, understanding of client needs, tools, outcomes, better ROI.

We’re always looking forward to the latest best-practice solution to create for you so you don’t have to.

We’re different. Not only are our methods inclusive of all facets of a business – no matter the level of service you need, but we also commit to investing in our own Knowledge and Growth, and apply it to your People, Processes and Technologies.


Dave is an experienced consultant providing services for over 15 years in numerous industries. Dave has helped organizations move from strategy formulation to implementation. Dave is passionate about providing value through his consulting engagements by understanding technical, process and resource needs.

Rob brings a passion for data warehousing and business intelligence that includes not only building great solutions, but making that work as efficient as possible. He's been delivering business intelligence solutions for 10 years in both leadership and development roles. Recently Rob has focused his efforts on automating common development tasks and significantly reducing solution delivery time.

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